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Who we are


Expertise depends on experience and that cannot be achieved overnight. No, it does take time! Time needed for the development of new technologies, time needed to gain experience, time needed to learn about our customers personal desires.

Regarding the 100 V PA technology-RCS® is one of the leading top brands in this special market segment in Germany. Why? Because manufacturing quality, funcionality and cost/performance ratio of our entire product range are superior. Our slogan "Advantage through superior quality" shall not simply be a keyword but a major requirement for our RCS®-products. Any requirement needed for Quality Assurance such as the latest standards are continuously being improved and upgraded for your satisfaction.

Our main company credo can simply be reduced to a common denominator:

»The more quality and service oriented we work, the better your wishes are fulfilled«RCS Company's Founder, Georg J. Rudholzner

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