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CSL-106 W
Spot-Design-Ceiling Speaker, 6 W, 100 V, white
CSL-106 W
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These “Spot Design” fitted speakers fit in very well with the current halogen light systems.
They have a 2 1/2˝ wide band speaker and an outstanding tone. This speaker is suitable for speech and background music.
This speaker is used where functionality, a special design or small measurements are required.

Please consider the following features:

  • The frame and the grill made of metal and are available in four colors (white, black, gold and silver), making the possibilities, even under the aspects of design and architecture, very versatile.
  • The exceedingly easy mounting with 2 metal springs fits all ordinary ceilings and walls.
    The matching transformer is suitable for a 100V connection and can be adapted to 1/1 – 1/2 –1/4 power.
  • The fitted speaker can be adapted to a lower resistance (8 ohms, 6W). It is connected directly to the chassis. A special delivery with a 20 cm wire and connection clamp is possible.
  • Special speaker colours are available on request.
  • The speaker is also available in a moisture proof version, an especially prepared chassis and matching transformer. 
    Please order “FI-100” for this option.

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