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BA-240 DP
1-Channel-Amplifier, (360/240 W, 2 RU), monitored with FD-21
BA-240 DP
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These 19˝ 1-channel power amplifiers are fully monitored and ideal for the use in professional audio applications with 100 V, 70 V and 25 V line systems. 
The devices are manufactured in state-of-the-art production processes using high-quality components such as toroidal transformers.
They have been designed for continuous operation. They are absolutely short circuit and open circuit proof and are equipped with all relevant protection devices.

Please consider the following features:

  • All the amplifiers of the „DP“ series have one electronically balanced audio input for programs and one input (with priority) for priority announcements, etc.
  • Each power amplifier can be equipped with 1 pilot tone-module (FD-21) which monitors the performance of the amplifier.  
  • The amplifiers have electronically balanced inputs and outputs on screw-type connectors.
    Possible hum pick-up from ground loops is avoided through the balanced inputs and outputs. 
  • The screw-type connectors substantially facilitate the wiring for signal input. Time consuming fitting of the input cables with XLR connectors is eliminated.
  • The multicoloured LED indicators located on the front panel continuously indicate the operating status of the amplifier including protection functions and possible dangers.
  • By means of a „Power Remote“ contact the amplifier can be switched on, even if the power switch is in the off position 
  • All models feature soft start and a special circuit which suppresses unpleasant switch-on noise. 
  • A groundlift switch is provided to disconnect signal ground from chassis ground (shielding), in order to avoid any hum pick-up. 

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