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CSP-220 D
Double-Direction Speaker, 20 W, 100 V
CSP-220 D
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These speakers are used, where announcements or music transmissions will be radiated at the same time in opposite directions (e.g. stations, corridors, schools, hospitals etc.). It is possible to install the speakers to the wall and also to the ceiling.
These double-direction speakers were developed in the design of a sound projector and have an outstanding sound pressure.
Using a very wide-band speaker chassis and an outstanding matching transformer, these double direction speakers are both perfect for language reproduction as well as for a very good music performance.

Please consider the following features:

  • Both models are developed in the same design and manufactured from scratch and impact resistant plastic.
  • The matching transformer is installed in the housing, to be attached to 100 V and in addition to 50 V and 70 V. The appropriate multicore cable (well marked) is led out at the bottom side of the speaker.
  • The housing colour is white (similar RAL 9010), the assembly handle (hinged) is creme white (similar RAL 9001). The housing can be painted in all colours.
  • With the help of the assembly handle contained in the scope of supply, the speaker can be installed in any direction.

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