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DZM-808 A
Digital 8 Zone Audio-Matrix, 8 IN / 8 OUT, (expandable to 32 IN / 32 OUT)
DZM-808 A
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The DZM-808 A system is an extremely flexible sound reinforcement solution for multi-room applications. It is ideal for use in hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, schools, sports and fitness centre.
There can be 8 different audio sources, e.g. CD player, satellite receiver; radio programs are distributed to 8 output zones. Any assignment is possible. The key component is the digital audio zone matrix DZM-808 A. Operation requires one amplifier for each output used. This can be a single power amplifier or an active loudspeaker box.
The corresponding wall control panel DRI-208 A for remote control of the DZM-808 A and with additional local inputs for the zones, is optionally available. 


Please consider the following features:

  • 8 audio inputs/audio outputs.
  • Inputs 1 - 4, LINE, with gain control.
  • Inputs 5 - 8, switchable MIC / LINE.
  • 2 command microphones and 1 local microphone (for all zones) connectable.
  • 1 additional audio input per zone, not routable, with gain control.
  • Up to 8 wall panels DRI-208 A can be connected as a remote control unit.
  • Extensible up to 32 zones.
  • Microphone, music and master volume control per zone, 2-tone equalization per zone, 7 segment LED displays per zone.
  • Priority management.
  • Emergency announcement with priority for all zones, even with extension.
  • 3 different alarm signals.
  • Clipping display.
  • Monitor function with integrated loudspeaker.
  • Can be used as a 19˝ built-in device or as a desktop device. 19˝ mounting brackets are included.
  • 230 V mains or 24 V emergency power.

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