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FMX-1402 R
Audio Mixer, 14 Channels, 9 RU
FMX-1402 R
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  • This mixer features 10 mono input channels, which can be supplied as MIC over XLR sockets or as LINE via
  • 6.3 mm jack sockets. Channels 11/12 & 13/14 can be operated over 6.3 mm jack sockets both mono (L) and stereo (L/R).
  • The mono channels 1-10 have amplification pre-controls for MIC „Gain“ and for LINE „Trim“ as well as a 4-band channel equalizer and a low cut switch (18 dB/oct. @ 75 Hz). Channels 11/12 & 13/14 are equipped with LINE trim controls (±20 dB) and a 3-band CH-EQ. There are panorama controls for mono and balance controls for stereo.
  • Pre-listening of all channels is possible via an adjustable headphone output as well as the “Solo function” of the CH. 2 pre-fader and 2 post-fader AUX ways and allocation selector switches for CH mute, sub 1/2, sub 3/4 and main L/R per CH.
  • CH-insert for channels 1-10 PRE-fader/PRE-EQ and master L/R-insert PRE-graphic-EQ (e.g. feed-in point for compr./lim./gate). CH 1-8 offer direct-out jack sockets.
  • Phantom power is centrally switchable for all MIC inputs (+48 V DC).
  • For main output are two stereo output sockets, which can be supplied by a stereo master fader (L+R) with LED meter display and a switchable 7-band graphic-EQ. The section also features the group-faders SUB-1-4 with alternative output sockets and L/R separate connection to the master sum. The mono main out (XLR) with switchable 75 Hz LPF serves as subwoofer output.
  • The master section also has two RCA input sockets with level input controls, switchable to the master, and two RCA output sockets (2 TR IN/OUT per L/R). Master-send controls are available for the AUX ways respectively.
  • A switchable 24-bit digital effects board allows adding 99 high-grade effects with 3 adjustable master-returns to the sum as well as to the 2 monitor ways. The DSP is comfortably to handle over a digital display and an up/down push-button and foot switch. “Stereo output jack sockets” with level controls enable another pre-amplified signal output.
  • The mixer FMX-1402R is designed for installation into 19˝-racks (9 RU) or flight-cases.

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