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Graphic-Equalizer, 1 RU, (1 CH, 31-Band)
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The graphic equalizer PEQ-1131 VU has 31 bands (mono), each with a range switch for ±6 dB or ±12 dB (cut/boost) and 60 mm centrally catching faders.


  • The graphic equalizer has a switchable high-pass filter (40Hz, 12dB/Okt.)
  • By a special “bypass” switch with LED display, the unaltered input signal may be compared to the altered output signal for any channel.
  • For every channel, as possibility for input and output connection, a 6.3 mm jack socket, a XLR socket (balanced) and a RCA socket (unbalanced).
  • One clip LED per CH lights up, if the signal is 5 dB below clipping.
  • At the request of 24V DC operation (Please inquire).
  • The power supply takes place over an IEC power socket
  • on the rear side of the device. The power switch is on the front side.
  • Additionally, a ground/lift switch on the rear side helps avoiding possibly occurring hum loops.

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